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World Cinema

Blue My Mind

Year 2017
Runtime 97 mins
Language Swiss German
Subtitles English

Just before the summer vacation 15-year-old Mia and her parents move to the suburbs of Zürich. While Mia plunges into a wild teenager existence, her body begins to change radically. At first it’s hardly noticeable, but then the transformation begins to drive her out of her mind. Feeling completely distressed, and with no one to talk to, she attempts to numb herself with sex and drugs, hoping to halt the process. But nature is more powerful.

Lisa Brühlmann’s feature debut is a unique, strange, and fantastical coming of age film, blurring the genre lines throughout.

Written by Brenda Lieberman

Winner, Best Film, Best Actress, Best Screenplay - Swiss Film Prize 2018

Winner, Golden Eye, Critic's Choice Award - Zurich Film Festival 2017

Fantasia International Film Festival 2018

Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema 2018

Cleveland International Film Festival 2018

IBAFF International Film Festival 2018

Glasgow Film Festival 2018

Max Ophüls Festival 2018


Lisa Brühlmann
Stefan Jäger, Katrin Renz, Filippo Bonacci
Lisa Brühlmann
Gabriel Lobos
Noëmi Preiswerk
Thomas Kuratli
Luna Wedler, Zoë Pastelle Holthuizen, Regula Grauwiller, Georg Scharegg, Lou Haltinner