Now in its 24th year, the 11-day Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) has grown to be the biggest film festival in Alberta.  CIFF showcases 200+ short and feature-length multi-genre films from Canada and around the world.

With Academy Award® accreditation and juried cash prizes, CIFF is a world-class celebration of cinema’s best and brightest. 

Meet the Jury



ciffcalgary 2023 humanist vampire seeking consenting suicidal person main still 0 1982884

$10,000 CAD RBC Emerging Canadian Artist


This juried award is given to the Canadian director who creates the best first or second narrative feature film. Presented by RBC.

"Singular vision and strong performances. The mixture of comedy, drama and horror genres was handled with an impressive skill set by this exciting emerging filmmaker! We were drawn into her world and characters both emotionally and cinematically and were excited by the world that she created."

ciffcalgary 2023 hey viktor main still 0 1975109

RBC Emerging Canadian Artist Award: Special Jury Mention

HEY, VIKTOR! : "HEY, VIKTOR! is a hilarious journey with a loveable and detestable lead in a mockumentary that both celebrates and takes a piss at an iconic indigenous film."

ciffcalgary 2023 asog main still 0 1981074 1

RBC Emerging Canadian Artist Award: Special Jury Mention

ASOG: "ASOG is a unique film that incorporates documentary elements and follows an electric, empathetic and hilarious lead was such a unique pleasure to watch."

ciffcalgary 2023 suze main still 0 1983212

$5,000 CAD Canadian Narrative Feature

SUZE | Dirs. Linsey Stewart & Dane Clark

This juried award is given to the Canadian director who creates the best narrative feature film in the section.

"The well-drawn characters and relationships were such a pleasure to watch unfold. Its exploration of generations was both sympathetic and hilariously accurate. The unexpected arches and relationships were exciting to watch. We enjoyed the journey of the family dynamics with both its humour and heart arch."

ciffcalgary 2023 richelieu main still 0 1982755

Canadian Narrative Feature Award: Jury Prize for Lead Performance

RICHELIEU, Ariane Castellanos: "Her performance was steely and empathetic while exuding an inner strength. In almost every frame of the film, she balances her own demons while trying to manage both her job and the lives of migrant workers. It was a brilliant performance and a pleasure to watch."

ciffcalgary 2023 suze main still 0 1983212

Canadian Narrative Feature Award: Jury Prize for Supporting Performance

SUZE, Charlie Gillespie: "Charlie Gillespie is a charming and lovable slacker who, through the journey of film, surprises you with his gravitas and emotional depth."

ciffcalgary 2023 animalia main still 0 1985354

$1,000 CAD International Narrative Feature

ANIMALIA | Dir. Sofia Alaoui

This juried award is given to the international director who creates the best narrative cinema from around the globe (U.S. & International).

"This film draws you in with an urgency of storytelling and riveting imagery. The blending of the spiritual and the otherworldly is at once gripping and nuanced. Its commentary on social class and women's place in society, combined with beautiful cinematography, impressive world-building, and visceral and organic visual effects, creates a stunning first feature that demands attention."

ciffcalgary 2023 close to you main still 0 1985244

International Narrative Feature Award: Special Jury Mention for Performance

CLOSE TO YOU, Elliot Page

ciffcalgary 2023 20 000 species of bees main still 0 1983943

International Narrative Feature Award: Special Jury Mention for Director

20,000 SPECIES OF BEES, Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren
ciffcalgary 2023 swan song main still 0 1946042

$5,000 CAD DGC Canadian Documentary Feature

SWAN SONG | Dir. Chelsea McMullan

This juried award is given to the Canadian director who creates the best documentary in the section. Presented by Directors Guild of Canada.

"This is a truly impressive performance doc that moved away from traditional tropes with a cinema verite approach of fantastic characters. The filmmaker’s inspired choices make it a documentary for today and tomorrow."

ciffcalgary 2023 summer qamp main still 0 1987889

DGC Canadian Documentary Feature Award: Special Jury Mention

SUMMER QAMP: "A touching and brave film full of affirmation and love."

ciffcalgary 2023 between the rains main still 0 1983883

$1,000 CAD International Documentary Feature

BETWEEN THE RAINS | Dirs. Moses Thuranira & Andrew H. Brown

This juried award is given to the international director who creates the most compelling non-fiction cinema from around the globe (U.S. & International).

"Between the Rains offers a compelling coming-of-age story against the backdrop of a microcosm of climate change. The film creates a juxtaposition between the stunning beauty of Kenyan landscapes and the raw realities of the local communities' traditional lifestyles. Between the Rains is an immersive verité experience that the audience will never forget."

ciffcalgary 2023 great photo lovely life main still 0 1988560

International Documentary Feature Award: Special Jury Mention

GREAT PHOTO, LOVELY LIFE: "The word brave is thrown around a lot in the documentary world, but this film is without a doubt one of the bravest displays ever captured in a film. Amanda not only opens up about the lives in her family but does it without flinching, and when it gets difficult, she leans in. Masterfully made, bouncing from heartbreaking personal pieces to tense thriller-type scenes, this film was immensely gripping. I can't imagine seeing a better personal portrait documentary this year."

Shorts in Competition

ciffcalgary 2023 palm sunday main still 0 1988776

$2,500 CAD Short Film Grand Jury Prize

PALM SUNDAY| Dir. Wes Andre Goodrich

This juried award is given to the best overall short film at the festival and also qualifies the winner for consideration in the appropriate category of the Academy Awards®, without the standard theatrical run that a film typically needs to qualify for an Oscar® nomination.

"Palm Sunday is a poignant story of faith and the personal struggle to find a place within your community, set in the wake of the black civil rights movement. Jimmy, the story protagonist, finds himself burdened with finding acceptance and purpose in a life filled with racial inequalities. Wes Andre Goodrich depicts a historic event and, in it, draws similarities to the racism and cultural barriers of oppression that are still present in our institutions and society today. The jury agreed that the strong performances, powerful visuals and emotive storyline made this student film stand out. After careful deliberation, the jury selects Palm Sunday as the Grand Jury Shorts winner."

ciffcalgary 2023 death to the bikini main still 0 1983959

$1,000 CAD Live Action Short Film

DEATH TO THE BIKINI! | Dir. Justine Gauthier

International competition for Live-Action narrative films under 40 minutes. 

"For effectively exploring the beautifully complicated process of growing up, led by an unbelievably assured performance from the young scene-stealer Mia Garnier. Death to the Bikini tackles a plethora of topical themes in its easy rewatchability, exemplifying a refreshing take on childhood friendships, empathetic parenting, and female coming of age, capped off by a triumphant final moment that will leave you ready to annihilate the norm."

ciffcalgary 2023 boat people main still 0 1980929

$1,000 CAD Animated Short Film

BOAT PEOPLE | Dirs. Thao Lam & Kjell Boersma

International competition for Animated films under 40 minutes. 

"With the use of allegory, Boat People depicts a comprehension of a community’s resiliency and sacrifice necessary for survival while at the same time not undermining the perplexity of a child’s relationship with their own parents. We applaud Boat People for its message of understanding without resentment as a way to create a safer future."

ciffcalgary 2023 the last repair shop main still 0 2003118

$1,000 CAD Documentary Short Film

THE LAST REPAIR SHOP | Dirs. Ben Proudfoot & Kris Bowers

International competition for Documentary films under 40 minutes.

"Glue, oil, and soldering slowly piece back together the instruments of the Los Angeles youth music programs - But it’s the vulnerability, humanity, empowerment, and heart that the invisible artists of The Last Repair Shop share that have created a life-changing ripple effect through the lives of these talented young musicians and themselves. This masterfully crafted film will have you humming its magical and uplifting original score, all while looking deeper within yourself at how you too can help to contribute to the community and culture."

ciffcalgary 2023 monstr main still 0 1992353

$1,000 CAD NBCUniversal Alberta Short Film Devon Bolton Memorial Award + $10,000 Gift Card from William F. White International, Inc. toward the winner's next project

MONSTR | Dir. Tank Standing Buffalo

Provincial competition for films under 40 minutes. 

"A haunting horror story of a character alone in the woods fighting against the demons of their past. MONSTR masterfully intertwines First Nation mythology with personal experience to create a poignant narrative of self-reflection. The jury applauds director Xstine Cook and Tank Standing Buffalo for their profound message of discovery through art, connecting with nature, and human perseverance."

ciffcalgary 2023 conviction main still 0 1977854

Alberta Short Film Devon Bolton Memorial Award: Special Jury Mention

CONVICTION: "Conviction gives a harrowing insight into the barriers and restrictions that remain in place long after the release of incarcerated people. Through the stunning and authentic performance of Shane Ghostkeeper and the supporting cast, the human connection between characters in this film ushered the jury into a world in which they may not otherwise have understood. This informative piece leaves a lasting impact that can help in breaking down systemic stigmas and forming better support systems for those being reintegrated into their communities."

ciffcalgary 2023 simone main still 0 1988765

$1,000 CAD Student Short Film

SIMONE | Dir. Aisha Amin

Post-Secondary Student competition for films under 40 minutes. 

“Simone embodies the art of saying more with less. This impactful narrative unfolds quietly yet successfully. Simone leaves you wanting more and showcases a refreshing vulnerability on screen. You find yourself connected with the lead protagonist and all her quick decision-making as a young mother navigating life and its challenges.”

ciffcalgary 2023 operation carl main still 0 1995937

$1,000 CAD NBCUniversal Youth by Youth Canada Short Film + up to $18,000 scholarship to Vancouver Film School + $2,500 Gift Card from William F. White International, Inc. toward the winner's next project

OPERATION CARL | Dir. Sandra Hurd

High-school or under-18 student competition for films under 30 minutes.

"This film is such a fun ride from start to finish. The characters are all well drawn, and their opposing views on the situation at hand and how to handle it lead to excellent comedic conflict. The concept could have the danger of veering into sketch comedy, but the way the filmmakers have constructed the story makes for a complete beginning, middle and end that’s super satisfying. Lastly, as a comedy, you have to make people laugh, and I laughed out loud many times throughout the course of this film. The coverage and shot choices all worked well to tell the story, coupled with smart blocking and the brilliantly committed performances of the actors, it all comes together for a really delightful film."

ciffcalgary 2023 only you main still 0 1995668

Youth by Youth Canada Short Film Special Jury Mention for Cinematography

ONLY YOU: "What a wonderfully strange and affecting film. Very poetic, but with the use of the Homer dolls, it never veers into pretentious territory. What really stood out for me, though, was the excellent cinematography. The shots were all well composed, with a clear care for each frame. This filmmaker obviously has a keen eye and a talent for using the camera to bolster the story."


ciffcalgary 2023 a highland song main still 0 2001974

BARCODE XR Award for Oustanding Experience


"An artistic achievement that is approachable to gamers and non-gamers with beautiful music and visuals."



The best of the fest as decided by the fans themselves! Most films at the festival are eligible for our Audience Awards and are based on the collective score of the audience ballots collected at each screening online and in-cinema.


ciffcalgary 2023 tales from the rez main still 0 1976897


Alberta Feature

TALES FROM THE REZ | Dirs. Colin Ahnahktsipiitaa Van Loon & Trevor Solway

ciffcalgary 2023 humanist vampire seeking consenting suicidal person main still 0 1982884

Canadian Narrative Feature


ciffcalgary 2023 summer qamp main still 0 1987889

Canadian Documentary Feature

SUMMER QAMP | Dir. Jen Markowitz

ciffcalgary 2023 the persian version main still 0 1986848

International Narrative Feature

THE PERSIAN VERSION | Dir. Maryam Keshavarz

ciffcalgary 2023 geoff mcfetridge drawing a life main still 0 1866122

International Documentary Feature


ciffcalgary 2023 the puppetman main still 0 1992288

Late Shift

THE PUPPETMAN | Dir. Brandon Christensen

ciffcalgary 2023 aitamaako tamisskapi natosi before the sun main still 0 1966634



ciffcalgary 2023 immediate family main still 0 1980255

Music on Screen

IMMEDIATE FAMILY | Dir. Denny Tedesco

ciffcalgary 2023 the old oak main still 0 1991552

Special Presentations

THE OLD OAK | Dir. Ken Loach

ciffcalgary 2023 monstr main still 0 1992353

Alberta Short

MONSTR | Dir. Tank Standing Buffalo

ciffcalgary 2023 dead cat main still 0 1988967

Narrative Short

DEAD CAT | Dirs. Annie-Claude Caron & Danick Audet

ciffcalgary 2023 ninety five senses main still 0 1991557

Animated Short

NINETY-FIVE SENSES | Dirs. Jerusha Hess & Jared Hess

ciffcalgary 2023 jack and sam main still 0 1982803

Documentary Short

JACK AND SAM | Dir. Jordan Matthew Horowitz


Alberta Short Film Devon Bolton Memorial Award

Devon Bolton Award

Devon Bolton, along with his filmmaking and business partner sibling Kirsten, won Best Alberta Short at CIFF 15 years ago this year for their short film Shipwrecked. After CIFF, Shipwrecked would go on to be an official selection at over 25 international film festivals around the world, winning Best Short at five, including a BAFTA. It was also screened at MOMA in New York and The National Gallery in Washington D.C.

The siblings went on to another award-winning short and were in development on four feature films in addition to their careers in commercials, videos, and branding. Devon was a self-taught filmmaker, respected creative marketing lead, and director who was also skilled in cinematography, editing, visual effects, and colour grading. He was known and admired by colleagues, crew, and partners as a visionary talent and would often attract the same crews, agencies, and clients to work with him time and again. He was also known, however, to give newcomers some of their first opportunities in the industry – from actors to composers to animators. He loved to mentor.
In December 2019, after a long battle with mental health issues, Devon took his own life at the age of 47. It caught many by surprise. This award is being founded in his honour to help motivate local filmmakers to continue to pursue their dreams, shine a light on mental health in the creative communities, and celebrate the importance of mentorship.