At the biggest film festival in Alberta, there's something for everyone. 

With 200+ different short films and features to choose from, it can seem daunting to try to pick out just a few, but here's a handy glossary list of our major sections to get you started. 



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Each year, CIFF has the privilege of shining a spotlight on the talented creators of short & feature films working in our province. The calibre of these diverse stories proves that there's no shortage of outstanding Albertan talent working in our screen industry. SEE ALL FILMS




Generation Next

Headed into its sixth year, this section empowers ten high school students to hand-pick films relevant to their generation. Featuring a diverse range of genres and stories from around the world, these six films reflect the state of indie art cinema curated through a youth perspective for audiences young and old. SEE ALL FILMS





12 films showcasing the land, legacy, people, and stories of our great country directed by Canada’s most promising future auteurs. Films in this section compete for the RBC Emerging Canadian Artist Award, which fosters new talent and is given to the Canadian director who creates the best first or second narrative feature film and includes a cash prize of $10,000. Films in competition for the Canadian Narrative Feature Award, sponsored by Air Canada, are eligible for a cash prize of $5,000. SEE ALL FILMS






The best in non-fiction cinema from behind the Canadian lens. From sea to sea to sea, this section features ten bold and inspiring films in competition for a $5,000 juried prize, sponsored by the Directors Guild of Canada. Presented by NBCUniversal Canada. SEE ALL FILMS

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International Narrative Competition (Outside Canada)

A captivating world of rich stories from beyond our borders. Ten vibrant and independent films with an emphasis on under-the-radar and cutting-edge style and story. Films in this section will compete for a $ 1,000 juried cash prize. Note: All foreign language films are played with English subtitles. SEE ALL FILMS




An uncensored view of the world showcasing gripping, entertaining, and enlightening stories from around the globe. This section features ten documentaries from all parts of the globe exploring politics, arts, nature, people, and history’s icons. Films in this section will compete for a $1,000 juried cash prize. SEE ALL FILMS





The most anticipated, not-to-be-missed, most buzzed-about films of the festival circuit – from high-profile projects to celebrities and master directors. These films will pave the way for awards season, legendary status, and blockbuster domination. SEE ALL FILMS




Late Shift

The very best in genre film and things that go bump in the night! Dark, twisted, outrageous, and downright daring late-night selections ranging from sci-fi to horror, thriller and fantasy from around the world. There’s no shortage of high-intensity suspense, shock, gore, and action. In this six-film section, there’s no such thing as overdoing it. SEE ALL FILMS




Music on Screen

A wholehearted celebration of both music and film, this year's music on-screen selections are something you have to hear to believe. From re-emerging musical legends and fed-up rock and rollers to fearless musical activists, these films are a living testament to the power of music! SEE ALL FILMS





Presented by SVR Lawyers. A range of out-of-competition films from around the world in a bold mix of Canadian and International fare. These films range from local stories from our own backyard to world premieres, award-winning titles hot off the festival circuit, to new discoveries for our audience. SEE ALL FILMS





Presented by Jerilyn Wright & Associates. Up to 100 short films, carefully curated into a sampler package of themes that cover everything from animation to animals, awkward situations, life-changing experiences, and more. This year's inspired collection of shorts is a testament to how big an impact just a few minutes of film can be. Films in this section will compete for a $1000 CAD category prize and are eligible for a $2500 CAD grand jury prize and Academy Award® consideration. SEE ALL FILMS