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Florianopolis Dream

(Sueño Florianópolis)

Year 2018
Runtime 106 mins
Language Spanish/Portugeuse
Subtitles English

Lucrecia (Mercedes Morán, NERUDA), Perdo and their two teenage kids make the long drive from Buenos Aires to the sunny Brazilian beaches of Florianopolis. When they hit a snag with their car and vacation property, the charming Marco comes to the rescue. Marco is too welcoming, much to the annoyance of Pedro. Soon, the Brazilian setting starts to work its magic allowing each family member to discover their own version of independence.

A triple winner at the 2018 Karlovy Vary Film Festival, SUEÑO FLORIANÓPOLIS lovingly highlights the strains life has on both adults and teenagers, no matter where they are from.

Written by Sachin Gandhi

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival - Winner, Best Actress, FIPRESCI Prize, Special Prize of the Jury


Community Partners: Hispano City Calgary + Flixeh


Argentina Brazil
Ana Katz
Executive Producer
Nicolás Avruj
Ana Katz, Nicolás Avruj, Beto Gauss, Camila Groch, Diego Lerman, Francesco Civita
Ana Katz, Daniel Katz
Gustavo Biazzi
Andrés Tambornino
Érico Theobaldo, Beto Villares
Mercedes Morán, Gustavo Garcón, Marco Ricca, Andrea Beltrão, Manuela Martinez