Industry Week at CIFF 2024

From Friday, September 20 to Monday, September 23, 2024, come find us where handshaking meets filmmaking at one of Western Canada's most crucial gatherings for screen media creators. Featuring world-class presentations, workshops and panels led by visionary filmmakers and a variety of exclusive networking events and field trips, Industry Week at CIFF gives pass holders behind-the-scenes access to the screen-based industries. 

Curated with an eye to the future, Industry Week at CIFF provides a space where both rising and established creatives can come together to exchange knowledge, enhance their skill set, and share their passion for the arts.

Engage with industry leaders as they delve into topics critical to Canadian creators. Industry Week at CIFF offers practical workshops and sessions aimed at refining the technical and creative skills of emerging filmmakers.


Secure your student accreditation early this year to unlock exclusive discounts, with passes starting at just $99 (see price breakdown below). Whether you're currently enrolled in a program or gearing up to graduate, you now have the opportunity to get accreditation and purchase our passes with reduced rates. Don't miss out on these savings—apply for accreditation now to make the most of your student status!


A valid Student ID is required for Student Accreditation. Those graduating in the Spring/Summer of 2024 can apply for student accreditation before September 2024. Standard accreditation will open on May 1st.

Industry Passes 2024

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