Incontrol MachineRoomWEB


Year 2016
Runtime 82 mins
Language English

Director Kurtis David Harder in attendance at both screenings!

Selected as a Top 10 Audience Favourite of the Festival 

University student Samantha is in possession of a device which allows her to inhabit the minds of others. Samantha quickly becomes obsessed and devotes her time to experiencing the lives of people unknown to her. Although she is advised to stick to unknown people and not go into the mind of anyone she knows, she finds it difficult to follow this advice. Soon the lives of others blend with her own and she becomes consumed by her quest.

Her fellow mind controllers, Mark, Victor and Jenny, are farther along in their lives of fantasy. As fact becomes blurred with fiction, their excursions into the minds of others spiral into potential disaster.

This dramatic sci-fi thriller was filmed mostly in and around Calgary by rising young director/writer/producer Kurtis David Harder.


Kurtis David Harder
Executive Producer
Colin Minihan
Chris Ball, Camilo Lopez, Josip Condic
Bradley Stuckel
Kurtis David Harder
Production Design
Bobby Vanonen
Avery Kentis
Anja Savcic, Levi Meaden, Brittany Allen, Rory J Saper