Son of Saul web2

Son Of Saul

(Saul Fia)

Year 2015
Runtime 107 mins
Language Hungarian, German, Yiddish, Russian, Polish, French, Greek, Slovak
Subtitles English

In this powerful drama, an Auschwitz concentration camp prisoner must put his own life on the line in order to secure a proper burial for a boy he believes to be his son in the last days of the Second World War. The debut film from director László Nemes, SON OF SAUL tells the singular tale of Saul, one of the prisoners given orders to help dispose of the bodies of fellow prisoners in exchange for food rations. When Saul witnesses the death of a boy he believes to be his own, he vows to find a rabbi within the camp to bless the body and give a proper burial. Meanwhile, rumours abound that the Allied forces are closing in on the camp, leading the Nazis to mercilessly increase executions while prisoners plot an uprising. As Saul is forced to lie, barter and beg for help as the conditions become increasingly chaotic, his plan and his life are put at risk. A stunning debut film and winner of the Cannes 2015 Grand Jury Prize, SON OF SAUL offers a dark and haunting portrait of sacrifice. DISCOVERY AWARD NOMINEE.


Grand Prix Cannes 2015
László Nemes
Gábor Rajna, Gábor Sipos
László Nemes, Clara Royer
Levente Molnár, Urs Rechn, Géza Röhrig