17768MonkeyBeach 1


Year 2020
Runtime 105 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere
  • Online & In-Cinema
Lisa has supernatural powers that foretell death, and since childhood, she's had visions of her brother Jimmy drowning. Now he's missing at sea.

In a quest to save Jimmy, Lisa sets out by boat to a place called Monkey Beach, where she faces a journey to the Land of the Dead. In her quest, Lisa discovers the meaning of her visions, but are they blessings in disguise or agents of dark forces?

MONKEY BEACH is a supernatural coming-of-age story, layering tragedy, humour, and redemption. Set in the magnificent forests and waterways of the Pacific Northwest and the Haisla village of Kitamaat, Haisla cultural stories are woven into the contemporary lives of Lisa and her family, along with a cast of otherworldly characters including Sasquatches – the ‘monkeys’ of Monkey Beach.

MONKEY BEACH is based on the iconic novel of the same name, written by Eden Robinson, and was nominated for two prestigious awards in Canada – the Governor General Award and the Giller Prize.

This film is available to stream from September 27 - October 4.


Vancouver International Film Festival 2020
Loretta Todd
Executive Producer
Anne Wheeler, Fred Fuchs, Tom Rowe, Patricia Poskitt, Richard Van Camp, Carla Robinson, Lycrecia Adin, Roseanne Archibald
Patricia Poskitt, Jason James, Matthew O'Connor, Lisa Richardson, Loretta Todd
Johnny Darrell, Andrew Duncan, Loretta Todd
Stirling Bancroft
Fredrik Thorsen, Asim Nurany
Jesse Zubot
Grace Dove, Adam Beach, Glen Gould, Sera-Lys McArthur, Nathaniel Arcand, Tina Lameman, Joel Oulette, Zoey Snow, Miika Whiskeyjack