17008marlene 2


Year 2020
Runtime 112 mins
Language English
World Premiere
  • Online & In-Cinema

One of Canada’s most famous stories that created uproar around the world, at only 14 years old Steven Truscott was sentenced to hang for killing and raping a 12-year-old schoolmate. Marlene became involved in his fight for justice at a young age, and when Steven was released on parole after 10 years, they eventually met and fell in love.

The couple had to live a life of hiding as their children grew up, but Marlene couldn’t let the story die, determined that the truth would someday come out. Steven’s case was largely responsible for the abolition of capital punishment in Canada, thanks to the tireless advocacy of Marlene.

A very female story about an extraordinary woman, MARLENE is directed by local filmmaker Wendy Hill-Tout (Producer of PARALLEL MINDS, CIFF ’20).


Wendy Hill-Tout
Wendy Hill-Tout, Michael Peterson
Wendy Hill-Tout, Cathy Ostlere
Kristin Booth, Dempsey Bryk, Greg Bryk, Julia Sarah Stone