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Year 2019
Runtime 80 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere

Two mother-daughter duos must contend with their grief and complicated relationships with one another when the person who connects them dies.

Cami Bowden (Heather Graham) really has her life together, and finally picked up the pieces from her divorce 10 years earlier. She bought and renovated her dream home and is busy raising her daughter, Aster (Sophie Nélisse). When her ex-husband Craig dies suddenly, the perfect life Cami has created begins to unravel. At Craig’s funeral, Cami and Aster must spend time with Rachel (Jodi Balfour), Craig’s second wife, who he left Cami for, and Talulah, Craig’s second child. Rachel, having spent much of her adult life as a stay-at-home wife, reveals to Cami that Craig has been hiding a multitude of debt and that their house will be repossessed. Cami reluctantly offers to let the pair temporarily live in her house. Together under one roof, the women process their grief and anger over his death and search for meaning and direction in their lives.

Alumni producer Aisling Chin-Yee's (THE SAVER, RHYMES FOR YOUNG GHOULS, LAST WOMAN STANDING) directorial debut stands out as a bold new voice in Canadian cinema. She has artfully crafted a complex relationship film with tension, emotional complexity, and comedic elements throughout.


Toronto International Film Festival, Cinefest Sudbury International Film Festival
Aisling Chin-Yee
Executive Producer
Damon D'Oliveira, Patrice Theroux
Katie Bird Nolan, Emma Fleury, Lindsay Tapscott, Will Woods
Alanna Francis
Daniel Grant
Jodi Balfour, Heather Graham, Sophie Nélisse, Abigail Pniowsky