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New American Cinema

Shot in Calgary: El Chicano

Year 2018
Runtime 108 mins
Language English
International Premiere

Producer Joe Carnahan, costume designer Jayna Mansbridge, and composer Mitch Lee will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A on September 26.

From producers Joe Carnahan (NARC, SMOKIN' ACES) and Frank Grillo (THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR) comes the thrilling and action-packed EL CHICANO, shot locally in and around Calgary.

Fraternal twins Pedro and Diego were both raised in the toughest barrio of East L.A. When they were young boys, Diego would follow his brother’s lead, even as his diametric opposite. But "grown-up" Diego? Well, he's LAPD, and he means business.

A neon-soaked LA crime thriller that channels everything from THE PUNISHER to JOHN WICK, EL CHICANO is a nail-biting ride through LA's seedy underbelly, and it packs a major punch. Much of the film was funded and shot locally with Calgary doubling for Los Angeles, and many of the cast and crew members are from right here around the city.

Written by Guy Lavallee

L.A. Film Fest

Presented by Scott Venturo Rudakoff Lawyers


Ben Hernandez Bray
Executive Producer
Gianni Altobelli, Art Robinson
Joe Carnahan, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Frank Grillo
Joe Carnahan, Ben Hernandez Bray
Juanmi Miguel Azpiroz
Jason Hellman
Raúl Castillo, George Lopez, Aimee Garcia, Marlene Forte, Marco Rodriguez