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New American Cinema


Year 2018
Runtime 79 mins
Language English
International Premiere

Director Suzi Yoonessi and writer/actor Charlene DeGuzman will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A on September 22.

Joy (Charlene DeGuzman) is looking for something. But instead of facing her demons and facing herself, she fills the void in her soul with sex and 'romance' - or what passes for an endless quest for romance.

After finally hitting rock bottom, Joy enrolls in a 12-step program, where she finds (somewhat reluctant) support in the form of fellow recovering addict, Maddie (Melissa Leo). The deal? Joy can live in Maddie's grandmother's guesthouse, on the condition she give up sex and romance for 30 days, and stay away from Maddie's reclusive brother, Jim (John Hawkes, who also wrote all the original songs in the film). Needless to say, things don't go quite as planned.

Executive produced by indie titans the Duplass Brothers, director Suzi Yoonessi has crafted the type of charming, funny, entirely unpredictable character study we just don't see enough of these days - with some stellar songs to boot.

Written by Guy Lavallee

 LUNA® Gamechanger Award, Special Recognition - SXSW 2018

 Sun Valley Film Festival Film Lab Winner

 The Comcast Narrative Competition Award - CAAMFest 2018

Presented by Scott Venturo Rudakoff Lawyers


United States
Suzi Yoonessi
Jay Duplass, Mark Duplass, Suzi Yoonessi, Jen Roskind, Louise Shore
Sarah Adina Smith, Charlene DeGuzman, Mark Duplass
Moira Morel
Kristina Davies
Christopher French, John Hawkes
Charlene DeGuzman, John Hawkes, Melissa Leo, Paul James, Ellen Geer