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My Internship In Canada

Year 2015
Runtime 108 mins

From Oscar-nominated director Philippe Falardeau (MONSIEUR LAZHAR), MY INTERNSHIP IN CANADA is a laugh-out-loud political satire telling the story of an independent member of parliament in Northern Quebec played by Patrick Huard (STARBUCK, MOMMY). In an unusual twist of fate, finds himself holding the decisive vote in a national debate that will decide if Canada will go to war in the Middle East or not. He has no staff, but is leaning on his new intern – a Political Science student from Haiti – to help him make the life changing decision. As the duo embark on a series of public hearings throughout the constituency, dubbed the “Democracy Tour”, they are caught in the crossfire of peace activists, miners, truckers, politicians and Aboriginal groups. It will be up to the young Haitian student - played by newcomer Irdens Exantus - who is a far more perceptive politician than his Canadian boss, to decide if the country goes to war.


Falardeau Philippe
Luc Dery, Kim McCraw
Suzanne Clément, Clémence Dufresne-Deslières, Irdens Exantus, Patrick Huard