Legend of the Lich Lord

Year 2015
Runtime 85 mins

A naïve young paladin with a prophesy (Mikaela Cochrane), a drunken wizard with a dark secret (Phil Burke), a fierce but jaded barbarian (Julie Orton), and a greedy rogue (Andrew Long) fail at treasure hunting in a dungeon and find themselves in the woods on a dangerous quest.

The adventurers join with a hesitant druid (North Darling) and a know-it-all ranger (Byron Mayberry) to stop a necromancer (Victoria Souter) and an evil lich (Michael Roik).

The lich only needs his missing magic orb to rule the realm and the good guys must work together to find the orb before the necromancer does - if they can set aside their personal demons and egos first.

They learn about the dangers of villainous personal assistants, hipster elves, love, bedtime stories, unidentified magic fashion accessories, sobriety and disembodied body parts. LEGEND OF THE LICH LORD is a Dungeons & Dragons-style adventure with mockumentary comedy style inspired by THE OFFICE brought to you by the creators of the successful Calgary Internet web series One Hit Die.


Spencer Estabrooks
Emily Renner Wallace, Spencer Estabrooks, Greg Jeffs