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Canadian Cinema

Sleeping Giant

Year 2015
Runtime 89 mins

Director Andrew Cividino will be in attendance at the Friday screening! 

During one monumental summer, childhood innocence is challenged, illusions are shattered, and honesty and betrayal have extreme consequences as three young boys spend the summer roaming the lakeside.

Staying in Northern Ontario for summer vacation, 14-year-old Adam falls in with two local troublemakers who get their kicks from stealing beer, smoking weed with a local legend, egging neighbours’ houses, and daring each other to continuously pull off more and more extreme stunts.

Featuring strong close-up cinematography and an original score by Canadian indie rock band Bruce Peninsula, SLEEPING GIANT pulls at your heartstrings and shocks you all at once when a childhood game of chicken takes a tragic turn.

An expanded version of the short film with the same name – which screened at the 2014 Calgary International Film Festival and TIFF’s Canada’s Top 10 Film Festival – SLEEPING GIANT is a heart-wrenching story by first-time Canadian filmmaker Andrew Cividino.


Best Canadian First Feature, TIFF 2015
Cannes Film Festival 2015, Toronto International Film Festival 2015
Andrew Cividino
Andrew Cividino, Karen Harnisch, Marc Swenker, James Vandewater, Aaron Yeger
Andrew Cividino, Blain Watters, Aaron Yeger
James Klopko
James Vandewater
Production Design
Erika Lobko
Bruce Peninsula, Chris Thornborrow
Jackson Martin, David Disher, Nick Serino, Reece Moffett, Katelyn McKerracher