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Year 2015
Runtime 95 mins

Actor Jonas Chernick and Director Sean Garrity will be in attendance at both screenings! 

Playing on credit works out poorly for gambling addict Jonah (Jonas Chernick, FARGO, MY AWKWARD SEXUAL ADVENTURE), when a surefire poker hand loses and he suddenly owes nearly $100,000 to some very bad guys. When he can’t come up with the money, Tubby (Kevin Pollak, THE USUAL SUSPECTS) shows up at his home to send a troubling message to get the money by the next morning, or he and his daughter are in danger.

As Jonah’s life falls into financial ruin, his personal life doesn’t fare much better. His girlfriend leaves him, his house is a permanent construction zone, and his daughter Aurora (Joey King, WISH I WAS HERE) is going blind from a medical condition.

In a desperate attempt to flee the men he owes money to and a chance to reconcile his issues, Jonah takes Aurora on a road trip to Churchill, Manitoba, to see the Northern Lights before her blindness sets in permanently. An increasingly vindictive Tubby follows in hot pursuit to collect the money remaining on Jonah’s debt.

By the trip’s conclusion, the high stakes games that Jonah has been playing will can have devastating effects on his.


Sean Garrity
Jonas Chernick, Liz Jarvis
Jonas Chernick
Jonas Chernick, Joey King, Kevin Pollak