TheDynamiter Still


Year 2011
Runtime 73 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere

An award-winner at the Durban, Deauville and Nashville International Film Festivals, The Dynamiter is the tale of three brothers leading quiet lives of desperation in rural Mississippi, where the days are long and the shadows of family history longer.

After his mother walks out on the family, 14-year-old Robbie Hendrick is trying to look after his grandmother and younger half-brother, Fess. Things are difficult: The townfolk treat him with a mix of condescension and disgust, and his troublesome university-dropout brother periodically drops by seemingly only to upset robbie’s precarious life with ill-chosen pieces of advice, or to use him as an accomplice in his petty schemes.

All Robbie dreams of are a house, a job and a stable family, but as the summer days slip away, his chances of ever achieving them seem less and less likely.



United States
Winner Jury Prize Deauville Film Festival
Berlin Int'l Film Festival 2012, Los Angeles Film Festival 2012, Austin Film Festival 2012
Matthew Gordon
Executive Producer
Karthik Achar, George Dritsas, Casey Gordon
Kevin Abrams, Karthik Achar, Marianne Michallet
Matthew Gordon, Brad Ingelsby
Jeffrey Waldron
Kevin Abrams, Brandon Boyd
Production Design
Mike Scherschel
Casey Immoor
William Ruffin, Patrick Rutherford, John Alex Nunnery