2 Days in NY 2DAYSNY sm

2 Days in New York

Year 2012
Runtime 91 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere

Julie Delpy directs and stars opposite Chris Rock in this hilarious comedy where cultural differences, race relations and family mayhem collide. The follow-up to actor-director Julie Delpy’s 2007 hit comedy 2 Days in Paris, is both a love letter to New York City and an amusing look at how love can overcome the most absurd familial dysfunction.

French photographer Marion (Delpy) has traded Paris for Manhattan and is now living with hip, intellectual talk-radio host Mingus (Chris Rock) and their two children from previous relationships.

It’s a cozy state of affairs until Marion’s eccentric father, sex-obsessed sister and her sister’s flirty boyfriend (who also happens to be Marion’s ex-lover) descend on the household for two stress-filled days.

Marion’s sanity is tested as her sister tries to seduce Mingus, and her father manages to offend almost everyone he meets with his unapologetically boorish ways. This witty comedy of manners has been compared to Woody Allen’s work with its cast of oddball characters and delightfully outlandish situations.



France Germany
Sundance Film Festival 2012, Tribeca Film Festival 2012
Julie Delpy
Executive Producer
Helge Sasse, Matthias Triebel
Julie Delpy, Ulf Israel, Jean-Jacques Neira, Hubert Toint
Julie Delpy, Alexia Landeau
Lubomir Bakchev
Isabelle Devinck
Production Design
Judy Rhee
Chris Rock, Julie Delpy, Albert Delpy