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Short Films


Year 2020
Runtime 39 mins
Language English, Spanish
Subtitles English Subtitles
World Premiere
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  • Availability: Full Festival

This short film is included in the following package(s): SHORTS PACKAGE: LINDA AND THE MOCKINGBIRDS

In this documentary by award-winning director and producer James Keach, we ride with Linda Ronstadt, musician Jackson Browne, and a busload of Cenzontles (mockingbirds) from Arizona to the little town of Banámichi in Sonora, Mexico, where Ronstadt's grandfather was born. On the way, we learn of Ronstadt's long friendship with Eugene Rodriguez, a third-generation Mexican-American musician who founded the Cenzontles 30 years ago to reconnect working-class kids with the dignity and beauty of their ancestral music and culture.

The film explodes with rhythm — the pounding feet of zapateado dancers, the strumming of jarana and guitar, the clacking buzz of the quijada, a donkey jawbone, and swells with soulful voices. It's a journey of pride and self-knowledge with a solid rootsy groove. This incredible film shows that young people, who learn from their elders and add their own spirit and soul, can bring forth new flowers from ancient roots.


United States
James Keach
Executive Producer
Nion McEvoy, Alexandra Komisaruk, Michele Farinola
Alex Exline, James Keach
Armando Aparicio, David Zlutnick, Ian Coad
Alexandra Komisaruk
Julian Raymond, Bennett Salvay
Jackson Browne, Eugene Rodriguez, Linda Ronstadt