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Year 2018
Runtime 91 mins
Language English

Director Patricia Rozema (INTO THE FOREST, Calgary Film 2015) returns to the Calgary International Film Festival with her adaptation of the award-winning play of the same name, which stars the original playwrights and performers Amy Nostbakken and Norah Sadava. A nuanced portrait of grief, intergenerational feminism, and the struggles between expectation vs willed identity, MOUTHPIECE is an intimate addition to Rozema's career.

Cassandra is notified of the sudden death of her estranged mother and impulsively chooses to write the eulogy. In the 48 hours leading up to the funeral, Cassandra struggles to place the true source of her resentment to her mother. Is it her mother's passivity to the patriarchy? Her mother's tepid support of Cassandra's writing aspirations? The cold dread that Cassandra never truly knew her mother? These conflicts are demonstrated by two opposing, and occasionally unified, voices of Cassandra as played by Nostbakken and Sadava. MOUTHPIECE captures the multi-dimensional face of a woman caught in-between with sincerity and compassion.


Presented by Calgary Economic Development

Community Partner: One Yellow Rabbit Theatre and High Performance Rodeo


Patricia Rozema
Executive Producer
Alex Brisbourne, Angela Brisbourne, Martha McCain, Martha Ramsay, Kathleen Ramsay, Maria Martin Stanley
Patricia Rozema, Jennifer Shin, Christina Piovesan
Patricia Rozema, Norah Sadava, Amy Nostbakken
Catherine Lutes
Lara Johnston
Amy Nostbakken
Norah Sadava, Amy Nostbakken, Maev Beaty