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The Blessing

Year 2018
Runtime 72 mins
Language English
North American Premiere

Directors Jordan Fein and Hunter Robert Baker will be in attendance for a post-screening Q&A on September 23.

Lawrence is a Navajo coal miner, whose livelihood and ancestors are connected to Black Mesa. Rising above billions of dollars of coal, this sacred mountain constantly reminds Lawrence of his struggles with destroying nature as a means to provide for his family. Meanwhile, his daughter Caitlin is coming to terms with her own conflicted feelings as a homecoming queen who plays varsity men’s football.

Universal in themes, yet intimate in its details, this award winning documentary is stunningly cinematic and a thoughtfully observed family story set against rapidly changing landscape and an uncertain future.

Written by Alexander Rogalski

Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

Dallas International Film Festival Audience Award WINNER


United States
Hunter Robert Baker, Jordan Fein
Executive Producer
Raoul Max Trujuillo
Jordan Fein, Hunter Robert Baker
Ricardo Acosta
Hunter Robert Baker
Ricardo Acosta C.C.E., Brett Banks, Jordan Fein, Lance Edmands
Kevin Kiner, David Russell