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Score: A Film Music Documentary

Year 2016
Runtime 93 mins

Somber clarinets, anxious percussion, swelling violins, clamorous cymbals - it's all in a day's work when creating a film score.

From the staccato strings of a horror scene, to the violin crescendo of forbidden lovers, to the ominous and deafening bass of an incoming disaster – the science of film scores is at once plain yet mysterious, simple yet specific and complex. More than just a set of musical notes, film scores have a specific goal in mind, and the modern film score has evolved along with audiences, acting as the emotional core of the story. Ultimately, the right tone - and a great score - can make or break the whole feel of a film.

In SCORE: A FILM MUSIC DOCUMENTARY, some of Hollywood's greatest film score composers including Hans Zimmer, Randy Newman and Trent Reznor have come together to give viewers an unparalleled, behind the scenes look at the creative process. The result is a fascinating, crowd-pleasing celebration of some of the most iconic scores of all time. 

Winner of Audience and Jury Awards at multiple festivals, SCORE is a love letter not only to great film music but the great films that inspired such memorable tunes – a film and music lover's dream. 


United States
Attending Guests
Director Matt Schrader and Composer Christophe Beck at the September 23rd screening
Boulder International Film Festival, BIFF Award for Best New Filmmaker; Cleveland International Film Festival, Music Movies Competition; Gasparilla International Film Festival, Audience Award; Nashville Film Festival, Honorable Mention in the Gibson Music Films/Music City Competition & Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize; Newport Beach Film Festival, Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking; Sedona International Film Festival, Excellence in Filmmaking; Tacoma Film Festival, Audience Choice
Cleveland International Film Festival, Nashville Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival
Matt Schrader
Executive Producer
Matt Schrader, Jonathan Willbanks
Robert Kraft, Trevor Thompson, Jonathan Willbanks, Nate Gold, Kenny Holmes
Matt Schrader
Kenny Holmes, Nate Gold
Matt Schrader, Kenny Holmes
Ryan Taubert
Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, John Williams, Trent Reznor, Randy Newman, Howard Shore, Alexandre Desplat, Bear McCreary, Moby, Mark Mothersbaugh
Kyle Goodrich, Eastwood Allen, Matt Schrader