Ordinary Days

Year 2017
Runtime 81 mins

A detective searches for a missing girl in this multiple-perspective thriller from directors Kris Booth, Jordan Canning and Renuka Jeyapalan.

Cara Cook (Jacqueline Byers) is an athletic, emotionally distant college student who goes missing on a Friday night when she is expected for dinner with her parents. Her mother, Maria (Torri Higginson) becomes immediately worried while her father, Rich (Richard Clarkin) is convinced there there has just been a miscommunication. As the weekend progresses, reality sets in and Marie decides to reach out to the police for help. They are offered assistance in the form of Detective Jonathan Brightbill (Michael Xavier) who has personal issues of his own. Brightbill is struggling to manage his relationship with his pregnant ex-girlfriend, his propensity for alcohol, and a rift in his professional life. As Brightbill starts to put the pieces of Cara’s disappearance together, her strength and resourcefulness is tested with every passing moment of her five-day struggle.

ORDINARY DAYS is a suspenseful mystery/drama, shot from multiple perspectives, that harkens back to the anxieties of a parent’s experience in losing their daughter, both figuratively as she pursues college and literally when she disappears. Co-directed by Jordan Canning, Kris Booth, and Renuka Jeyapalan, it is the third feature from Jordan Canning who is also the director of the Calgary International Film Festival's Closing Gala film SUCK IT UP.


Attending Guests
Directors Kris Booth and Jordan Canning at both screenings
Atlantic Film Festival 2017, Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival
Kris Booth, Jordan Canning and Renuka Jeyapalan
Glenn Cockburn, Brian Robertson, Ramona Barckert, Bryce Mitchell
Ramona Barckert
Michael McLaughlin
Aren Hansen
Production Design
Rose Lagacé
Keegan Jessamy, Bryce Mitchell
Jacqueline Byers, Michael Xavier, Torri Higginson, Richard Clarkin, Joris Jarsky