A SWINGERS WEEKEND CalgaryFilm2017 web

A Swingers Weekend

Year 2017
Runtime 90 mins
Language English

Seemingly perfect couple Lisa and Dan plan a steamy swingers weekend, but things go south when a third couple drops in unexpectedly.

The Browns are the perfect couple. With perfect jobs, perfect kids, a successful business, and a seemingly perfect marriage, Lisa and Dan's love is invincible. When they embark on a well-planned swingers weekend, they’re in it for the thrill and nothing more. Escaping to a beautiful lakefront property stocked with plenty of wine, Lisa and Dan are ready to have some fun with the hippest and hottest young couple they know. But when a third couple drops in unexpectedly, things go south.

Packed with recognizable Canadian actors – including Calgary's Erin Karpluk (BEING ERICA) and Jonas Chernick (star of previous Calgary Film selections including MY AWKWARD SEXUAL ADVENTURE and HOW TO PLAN AN ORGY IN A SMALL TOWN)  this date night sex-comedy explores the relationships and kinks of three couples, who are all swinging for different reasons. What could possibly go wrong?


Attending Guests
Writer/Director Jonathan Cohen and Writer/Producer Nicola Sammeroff at both screenings
Jonathan Cohen
Executive Producer
Mihkel Harilaid
Nicola Sammeroff
Nicola Sammeroff, Jonathan Cohen
Rhett Morita
Lauren Brandon
Richard Pell
Mia Kirshner, Erin Karpluk, Randal Edwards, Jonas Chernick, Michael Xavier, Erin Agostino