field trip
Behind the Screen

Film Location Road Trip And Barbecue

Year 2017
Runtime 300 mins

We're closing this year's festival with our final Behind the Screen event - a road trip!

Ever wondered where FARGO found its ultra-cool, second-season '70s vibe? Or had a dream about walking down the wagon ruts in an old western town? Maybe your bucket list includes a selfie in front of Maggie's Diner in HEARTLAND? Whatever your reason, you don't need to make excuses to join us on this awesome bus trip to some of the most cinematic spaces in southern Alberta. The trip will include a screening of the Alberta-produced show TIN STAR, at the High River Theatre.  

Enjoy a hosted tour to some of our industry's best-kept secrets and work up a bit of an appetite for some hearty barbeque while you're at it. Come see for yourself why Alberta is a destination for filmmakers the world over, and what keeps bringing them back for more! Transportation and lunch provided by Cal-B-Ques in ticket price ($25). Limited seating available.

Please note that this is a ticketed event ($25). You'll receive more information about transport (including pick-up and drop-off locations) when you purchase your ticket.

Advance tickets are Sold Out. Rush Tickets may be available for purchase at the Eau Claire Box Office (main floor) shortly before the bus departs at 10 am.