Year 2017
Runtime 93 mins
Language English
World Premiere

Eva Saint, a fallen figure skating phenom, skates for her life in this supernatural thriller from John Kissack.

Desperate to regain her winning form following a serious injury, figure skater Eva Saint (Jessica McLeod, THE HOLLOW CHILD) accepts an invite to an obscure competition in the remote mountain town of Everfall. Accompanied by her extreme sporting vlog star boyfriend Daniel (Joe Perry, THE VALLEY BELOW) and his cameraman Jordan (Kristian Jackson, A MIRACLE ON CHRISTMAS LAKE), she soon discovers that the idyllic mountain town hides somber secrets below its peaceful facade. As a nearby forest fire rages and encroaches on Everfall, Eva will find herself drawn into a supernatural intrigue which will threaten her life and challenge her to explore the darkest depths of her psyche.

Torn between a tumultuous teenage romance, the desperation to reclaim her career and the seduction of a dark revenge fantasy, Eva struggles to survive in this latest offering by director John Kissack, whose film A MIRACLE ON CHRISTMAS LAKE was one of the most popular at the 2016 Calgary International Film Festival. EVERFALL was shot in and around Calgary with local cast and crew including Kissack, writer Shaun Crawford, and producer Jayson Therrien.


Attending Guests
Director John Kissack, Director of Photography Aaron Bernakevitch, Executive Producer Sandra Quinn, Actor Joe Perry, and Producer | Actor Jayson Therrien at the September 23rd screening; Director John Kissack, Producer | Actor Jayson Therrien and Actor Kristian Jackson at September 27 screening
John Kissack
Jayson Therrien, John Kissack, Sandra Quinn
Shaun Crawford, John Kissack
Aaron Bernakevitch
Production Design
Timothy Rutherford
Jessica McLeod, Joe Perry, Colm Feore, Kristian Jackson