Made in Vietnam

Made In Vietnam

Year 2017
Runtime 94 mins
Language English
World Premiere

Follow along with Vietnamese-Calgarian director Thi Vo as he tries to track down his father, left behind long ago in Asia.

Canadian citizens that are born within the country will often never know the horrors of war and revolution, or the unique pain of fleeing their homeland. But many Canadians who came here from other countries are all too aware of the sacrifices they've made, and the people they were forced to leave behind in order to escape with their own lives.

In MADE IN VIETNAM, Vietnamese immigrant Thi Vo tells his heartbreaking story – of his harrowing refugee flight to Hong Kong, and eventually Calgary in Canada, all by the age of four. Now, as an adult, he assembles a film crew to return to his homeland and track down his father, who was left behind in Vietnam all those years ago. At times breathtaking, at others emotionally staggering, yet always riveting and relatable, Vo tells a story that transcends borders, generations, and cultures, highlighting the concept of home and family - and the places in which we find them.


Attending Guests
Director Thi Vo, Director of Photography Aaron Bernakevitch, Assistant Director Yvonne Cheng, Cast Kaleb Tekeste, Dan Nguyen and Lai Nguyen at both screenings
Thi Vo
Executive Producer
Thi Vo
Aaron Bernakevitch
Thi Vo, Ian Schwaier
Thi Vo, Kaleb Tekeste, Daniel Nguyen, Lai Nguyen, Charlie Ngo