El Amparo

Year 2016
Runtime 99 mins
Language Spanish
Subtitles English

EL AMPARO illustrates a true story of a 1988 incident near the border between Venezuela and Colombia.

Pinilla (Vicente Quintero) and Chumba (Giovanni García) leave with a dozen more men from the village of El Amparo on a lucrative fishing trip near the border. The men don’t come back home the next day, causing their family members to be concerned, especially when reports of guerrilla fighting are reported along the border. When Pinilla and Chumba return, they are immediately arrested by the local police. The families want the truth but Pinilla and Chumba are placed under tremendous pressure from speaking out. The two become pawns in a larger conspiracy where the army, politicians and media all have their own version of the truth.

Robert Calzadilla’s riveting film is based on events that took place almost three decades ago, yet their implications still reverberate in societies where the truth is prevented from surfacing.


Colombia Venezuela
Biarritz International Festival of Latin American Cinema, Audience Award; São Paulo International Film Festival, Best Film and Best Screenplay
AFI Latin American Film Festival, Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema, San Sebastian Film Festival, Bogota International Film Festival, Munich International Film Festival, Panama International Film Festival, Palm Springs International Film Festival
Rober Calzadilla
Alejandro Prieto
Karin Valecillos
Michell Rivas
Gustavo Rondón Córdova, Mariana Rodríguez
Vicente Quintero, Giovanny García, Vicente Peña, Rossana Hernández