Year 2016
Runtime 91 mins
Language Kurdish
Subtitles English
Canadian Premiere

Preceded by the short film: Train To Peace

RESEBA (THE DARK WIND) is inspired by true events relating to the attack on the Shingal region in Iraqi Kurdistan by the Islamic State in 2014.

Reko (Rekesh Shabaz) and Pero (Diman Zandi) are a newly engaged couple whose Yazidi village is attacked. Some of the villagers are killed, but Pero and other young women are kidnapped. Reko was away during the attack and he along with his family are displaced to a refugee camp. Despite the passage of time, Reko doesn’t give up hope of finding Pero and subsequently learns that she may have been sold in the slave market and could be present in the Kurdish part of Syria.

Hussein Hassan’s RESEBA is a timely film that brings a great detail of realism as it was shot partly on location in refugee camps in Iraqi Kurdistan. Aided by Turaj Aslani’s remarkable cinematography, the film highlights how multiple generations of Yazidi people were dramatically impacted by the 2014 attack and the forced displacement in its aftermath.

RESEBA will be preceded by the short film:


Germany Iraq Qatar Syria
Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Best Film (UNESCO Award); Dhaka International Film Festival, Best Film (FIPRESCI Prize); Dubai International Film Festival, Best Fiction Feature; Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival, Grand Newcomer Award
Busan Film Festival, Los Angelas Asian Pacific Film Festival, Miami Film Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival
Hussein Hassan
Mehmet Aktas
Mehmet Aktas, Hussein Hassan
Touraj Aslani
Ebrahim Saeedi
Mustafa Biber
Rekesh Shabaz, Diman Zandi, Maryam Boobani, Adil Abdolrahman, Apo Tarhan, Nalin Kobani