A Day


Year 2017
Runtime 90 mins
Language Korean
Subtitles English

Two men must relive the most terrible day of their lives in this expertly written thriller from Korean director Cho Sun-ho.

Returning from a long trip abroad, skilled doctor Jun-young comes across a car accident scene on the way to meet his daughter. In a horrifying twist of fate, he soon realizes that the person killed in the accident is none other than his beloved daughter, Eun-jung. Just as he is wrestling with the shock of this, everything repeats like a déjà vu: Eun-jung getting hit by a taxi and Min-chul, the paramedic, checking on other victims - including his own wife inside the taxi.

The disastrous hours repeat again, and again: the accident scene, Eun-jung, Min-chul’s desperate face, and so on. Lost in repetition, Jun-young notices that he is not the only one trying to save a loved one in the endless time loop. Now, Jun-young and Min-chul decide to work together to redesign the gruesome future.

Tight and expertly written, the tension and unorthodox storyline of A DAY keeps audiences on edge throughout the film as it builds up to its emotional climax.


South Korea
Fantasia International Film Festival, Sitges Film Festival
Cho Sun-Ho
Executive Producer
Seo Jung
Lee Sang-Hack
Cho Sun-Ho
Kim Ji-Yong
Shin Min-Kyoung
Production Design
Kang So-Young
Kim Myung-Min, Byun Yo-Han, Jo Eun-Hyung