RUPTURE Day 9 1054


Year 2016
Runtime 102 mins

Renee Morgan (Noomi Rapace, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO) is a young mother with severe arachnophobia, to the point that her son must deal with any spider she sees. Their idyllic life is shattered when she is kidnapped and taken to a remote facility, at which she is subjected to terrifying torture: her captors release a large wolf spider on her body. This is all part of a horrifying plan that Renee becomes aware of once she escapes her room and realizes she is not the only person trapped in the building. Scared for her son, she must find her way out and get home before the kidnappers reach him.

With support by Peter Stormare (FARGO) and Michael Chiklis (THE SHIELD), and directed by Steven Shainberg (SECRETARY), RUPTURE is a cruelly delightful journey through fear, paranoia, and what lurks just out the corners of your eye.

Fantasia International Film Festival
Steven Shainberg
Andrew Lazar
Brian Nelson
Noomi Rapace, Michael Chiklis, Peter Stormare