Our Modern World

Year 2015
Runtime 91 mins

Recent advancements and future possibilities abound in this package of forward-looking shorts. Lives captured in these selections are affected by technological progress and ever-changing cultural norms, be it through cyborgs, memory alteration, or even just Facebook.

THE FUTURE PERFECT – Canada – 12 minutes – Nick Citton

A time traveller is directed by his boss (Zachary Quinto) to go back into the past on a critical mission involving a boy and a train station. The implications of this mission are greater than he anticipated.

KIDS WHO JUMP OFF BRIDGES – Canada – 8 minutes – Zoë Neary

Kelly is drawn into a world where girls drop their dresses for Facebook likes, and kids drink themselves blind to forget the morals they came in with. Is there a problem with going too far when you like what happens after? CANADIAN PREMIERE.

AVILIAQ: ENTWINED – Canada – 16 minutes - Alethea Arnaquq-Baril

A gay Inuit woman struggles when the love of her life marries her best friend. Wanting to stay together, they attempt a plural marriage, but a changing society will not allow it.

NEVER HAPPENED – Canada – 8 minutes – Mark Slutsky

A pair of colleagues on a business trip resort to unusual measures to keep their indiscretions secret.

HELLO WORLD – Canada – 10 minutes - Olaf Blomerus

A social services android observes the relationship of a father and son after their loving wife and devoted mother passes away, soon realizing the complexity human emotion and circumstance can bring to a situation.

ZELOS – United States/Iceland – 15 minutes - Thoranna Sigurdardottir

A competitive woman orders a clone to assist around the house so she can compete with her flawless friend. Unfortunately, she may have purchased an unbeatable rival.

CROWD PLEASER – Alberta – 7 minutes – Michal Lavi

A spaceship’s captain calls for a handyman to assist her. Their decaying bodies engage in a lustful encounter.

KEYSTONE – Canada – 15 minutes – Ian Foster

Jack visits Keystone, an organization that implants one's most important memories. Jack reveals the bond he formed with one particular woman, and the importance he has placed on their story.