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Hip Hop-eration

Year 2014
Runtime 93 mins

A warm and inspiring look at a group of senior citizens living in New Zealand who form a hip hop dance troupe.

Guided by their manager “I Must Have Been Mad” Billie Jordan, the crew, ranging from age 67 to 95, prepare for the World Hip Hop Dance Championships in Las Vegas.

For these seniors who live on Waiheke Island, a small tranquil island off the East coast of New Zealand, travelling to the United States to perform for thousands of fans is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Touching on both the personal backstories of the extraordinary characters who make up the troupe, as well as the collective effort that it takes to perfect their routines, HIP HOP-ERATION explores the members’ willingness to practice and perfect the art of hip hop.

Equal parts crowd-pleasing, inspiring, funny and sad, HIP HOP-ERATION is a touching family-friendly film about the adaptability and resiliency of the human spirit at any age.

Bryn Evans
Paula Jones
Bryn Evans
Bevan Crothers
Terri '2-cents' Wool-Moore Goodwin, Kara 'bang bang' Nelson, Eileen 'diva mystic' Evans