Elder in the Making

Year 2015
Runtime 95 mins

With the unjust stereotypes of Canada’s Aboriginal population in mind, first generation Chinese Canadian filmmaker Chris Hsiung embarks on a journey of discovery deep into Alberta’s Blackfoot territory. 

With an underlying theme of reconciliation, Hsiung sets out to explore the Blackfoot Nation, discovering that he has a significant heritage in common with his Aboriginal guide. The film is inspired by the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society, a group of people bringing the stories of Aboriginals to the spotlight.

ELDER IN THE MAKING is an informative expose into the complexity of Aboriginal culture and the historical Treaty 7 agreement, which gave the First Nations people in Southern Alberta a reserve but ceded their ownerships rights to their traditional territory. 

The film educates, explores the culture of the Blackfoot Nation, and highlights the importance of the Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society, a group of musicians, artists, elders and playwrights trying to bring the stories of Aboriginals to the forefront. WORLD PREMIERE. 

This film is preceded by the short THE ROUTES 


Canada United States
Chris Hsiung
Cowboy Smithx (co-producer)
Danny Cox
Kris Demeanor, Crack Band and Eya-Hey Nakoda
Narcisse Blood, Wes Olsen, Herman Yellow Old Woman, Alvine Mountainhorse