Echo Lake

Year 2015
Runtime 86 mins

Director Jody McVeigh Schultz will be in attendance at the Sept. 28 screening!

Thirty-year-old Will Baxter is struggling to transition into adulthood. He spends much of his time drowning out the reverberations of a troubled childhood, and after one too many lies and late nights, his girlfriend kicks him out of their home. His new circumstance leaves him only one place to turn – a cabin in northern California that he recently inherited from his estranged, abusive father. Originally intending to sell the cabin, Will (Sam Zvibleman, turning in a wonderfully subtle and endearing performance in his feature film debut) finds himself consumed by his family’s history, pouring through old diaries and photos that tell a story much different than the story he’s been telling himself for years. In a flash of inspiration, Will decides to recreate a hike that his father described in an old diary entry. His journey will put him face-to-face with the decisions he’s made that have led him there, and the decisions he faces to move forward. ECHO LAKE is a beautifully executed and perfectly understated story of what we inherit from the generations before us, whether we want them or not.


United States
Jody McVeigh-Schultz
Jody McVeigh-Schultz, Andrew Rydzewski
Jody McVeigh-Schultz
Andrew Rydzewski
Sam Zvibleman, Christine Weatherup, Jillian Leigh, Chris Mollica, Don Yanan