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The Daughter

Year 2015
Runtime 96 mins

Recovering alcoholic Christian (Paul Schneider, PARKS AND RECREATION) returns home for his father Henry’s (Geoffrey Rush, THE BOOK THIEF, THE KING’S SPEECH) wedding to a much younger woman, Anna (Anna Torv, FRINGE). On top of the wedding, he has to contend with the family timber mill closing and a duck that his father shot down. During his visit, Christian catches up with his old friend Oliver (Ewen Leslie, WONDERLAND) and Oliver’s odd family: Charlotte (Miranda Otto, THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING), Hedvig (Odessa Young, TRICKY BUSINESS) and Walter (Sam Neill, HOUSE OF HANCOCK, JURASSIC PARK) who have been keeping long-hidden secrets.

From the successful rewritten adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s "The Wild Duck", Simon Stone succeeds in his feature directorial debut. DISCOVERY AWARD NOMINEE.


Simon Stone
Jan Chapman, Nicole O'Donohue, Alex White
Simon Stone
Andrew Commis
Veronika Jenet
Paul Schneider, Geoffrey Rush, Sam Neill, Anna Torv, Miranda Otto, Ewen Leslie