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L'il Quinquin

(P'tit Quinquin)

Year 2014
Runtime 197 mins
Language French
Subtitles Yes

In a sleepy French village, a bizarre murder has occurred. Inside a nearby Second World War bunker, a dead cow has appeared. And inside the dead cow? Human remains. As the bumbling police captain Van der Weyden (Bernard Pruvost) pursues the case, the young Quinquin (Alane Delhaye) and his friends scramble behind, scandalized and delighted by the chaos that follows.

As we get to know the denizens of the Twin Peaks-like village - the gruesome murders pile up. Filmed for both the silver screen and television by two-time Cannes Grand Prix-winner Bruno Dumont (Flanders, Humanitie) and cast mostly with local non-professional actors, L’il Quinquin is both a tender coming-of-age story and an outrageous comedy that promises to surprise.


Cannes 2014, Toronto International Film Festival 2014
Bruno Dumont
Bruno Dumont
Guillaume Deffontaines
Bruno Dumont, Basile Belkhir
Alane Delhaye, Lucy Caron, Bernard Pruvost