white shadow web

White Shadow

Year 2013
Runtime 117 mins
Language Swahili
Subtitles Yes
Canadian Premiere

Based on actual practices occurring today, White Shadow is the story of a young African Albino boy on the run from witch doctors who believe his body parts have magical properties.

After witnessing his Albino father’s murder at the hands of witch doctors, Alias, a young African boy (who inherited Albinism from his father), is sent by his mother to seek refuge with his uncle in a bustling city. A quick learner, he peddles cheap wares in the streets and adapts to city life. Before long, Alias is the target of a hunt by local witch doctors who harvest Albino body parts for medicinal potions. Fleeing to literally save his skin, White Shadow depicts how the rules of survival apply in the city and the bush alike. Based on actual practices occurring today.


Germany Italy Tanzania
New Directors Prize - Special Jury Recognition San Francisco International Film Festival 2014, CineVision Award Honorable Mention Munich Film Festival 2014, Best Direction Durban International Film Festival 2014
Sundance Film Festival 2014, Karlovy Vary Film Festival 2014, Jerusalem Film Festival 2014
Noaz Deshe
Executive Producer
Ryan Gosling, Stefano Gallini-Durante
Ginevra Elkann, Noaz Deshe, Francesco Melzi d’Eril
Noaz Deshe, James Masson
Armin Dierolf, Noaz Deshe
Noaz Deshe, Xavier Box, Robin Hill, Nico Leunen
Hamisi Bazili, James Gayo, Glory Mbayuwayu