World Cinema

Fallen City

(Qing Cheng)

Year 2013
Runtime 92 mins
Language Mandarin
Subtitles Yes

Five years after a bank robbery, thief Liu Chuan returns to town with a low profile – unaware that the officer, Wang Laoshi, who failed to catch him during the theft is nearby. Their dramatic meeting is interrupted by an earthquake, and soon they find their roles reversed: Wang is knocked unconscious, and a clever Liu steals his uniform.

This brings unintended consequences, though, as Liu begins to act the part; after saving a girl and other townspeople, Liu is hailed as a hero. Everyone seems to adore him, but there is still one man who knows the villain that hides beneath the uniform, and he is determined to bring that villain into the light.


Best Original Screenplay - Golden Rooster Awards; Best Director - Christal Rouge; Grand Jury Prize - Bejing Student; Outstanding Original Screenplay - Xia Yan, Favourite Actress - Beijing Film Festival for Youth Welfare
Montreal World Film Festival 2013, Golden Rooster Awards, Crystal Rouge Film Festival in France, Beijing Student Film Festival, Xia Yan Film and Literature Awards, Beijing Film Festival for Youth Welfare
Huang Hong
Matthew Liu, Wang Yanzhi
Huang Hong, Wang Jinming
Li Wen Sheng
Chen Hua, Duan Xiaojie
Huang Jue, Ding Yongdai, Ruby Sun Min