Youth by Youth Cinema

Year 2013
Runtime 60 mins

Come celebrate youth talent with this amazing selection of short films made by kids ranging in age from 8 to 18.

A diverse package of amazing films will be featured, from kids hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Vancouver, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Young people have the potential and the ability to capture and influence our world, and to see such talent in these films makes CIFF very proud to be a part of celebrating their success.

Following the Youth by Youth Cinema Screening, an award will be presented to the Best Overall Youth Short Film, Best Local Animated Short Film, Best Local Documentary and Live Action Short Film. The post-screening reception is included in the ticket price.


A Ruff Day. Dustin Brisson, Alberta

An ant colony is thrown in chaos after a devastating act of dog.

An Eggscellent Father’s Day. Evan Kelly, Nova Scotia

Two boys make breakfast on father's day, but they have different interpretations to beating the egg.

Mad Cat. Michael Gaudio and Vanessa Palmer, Alberta

While his master sleeps, a maniacal cat works on his twisted experiments.

Extraordinary. Erica Loh, Alberta

A man who lives a boring life realizes he can make his life extraordinary when he meets a woman running a lemonade stand.

The Cat Came Back. Rebecca Moir, Alberta

A battle over what to watch on TV sets a cat and her owner at odds.

4:00 am. Jessie Bigler, Alberta

A short skit about a girl who learns that maybe it’s not the best idea to read scary stories before bed.

Guardian. Vanessa Palmer, Alberta

After a girl is caught in a supernatural trap, her only hope for survival is her cat.

Day in the Life of a Montessori Junior High class A: The Element. Morgana McKenzie, Ontario

A wordless documentary presenting a typical day of the students in the Montessori Junior High class of OMS Montessori; an independent school located in Ottawa.

Friendship. Ocean Demuth, Medina Dennie, Zaiyah Dennie, Alberta
Two turtles embark on a quest for friendship, encountering a sea monster, sasquatch and magical fairies.

Brightening Lives with the Solar Bottle Bulb. Katrina Kinder, United States. Jubaed Prince, Bangladesh

Millions live in daytime darkness. This documentary shows how students are bringing light to the lives of those in the slums of Bangladesh.

A Purrrfect Pair. Gwyneth Christoffel, Nova Scotia

A dog and cat spy each other at the veterinarian's office and instantly fall in love. After being dragged away from each other by their owners, they dream of what their life together would be like.

Winter March. Patrick Y. Lee, Ontario

Based on the 1,100 km journey of the 104th Regiment during the War of 1812, Winter March follows the experiences of eighteen year-old Lt. John Le Couteur on this epic trek as recorded in his wartime journal.

Zombie Shuffle. Evan Kelly, Nova Scotia

Two boys out for a walk come face-to-face with Zombies - armed only with an iPod.

HB. Nathan Fast, Alberta

A high school student goes through many out of the box trials in order to get his dropped pencil back, all while being watched by a more than strict teacher during a high pressure exam.

Death Be Not Proud. Kelsi Jones, Alberta

An interpretive piece, this film deals with depression, anxiety, fear and rejection.

Four Nerds and a Bird. BFI Film Academy, United Kingdom

A sci-fi fantasy comedy involving four geeky guys on their way to a comic book convention which results in some unexpected events.