THE LAST OCEAN Green Gala copyright Camille Seaman WEB

The Last Ocean

(Green Carpet Gala)

Year 2012
Runtime 88 mins

Antarctica's Ross Sea is the most pristine marine biosphere on Earth. Aside from a small number of scientists, this rich ecosystem had been virtually untouched by humanity—until New Zealand's commercial fishing fleets began harvesting toothfish (more commonly know as Chilean sea bass.)

With growing demand for sea bass in restaurants around the world, fisheries are hauling the toothfish in record amounts, a move that has devastated this fragile region. Filmed over the course of seven years and featuring striking Antarctic scenery, The Last Ocean is filmmaker Peter Young's record of the scientific community’s passionate attempts to save this dramatic and vital landscape from destruction.

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New Zealand
Best Call 2 Action film: The Last Ocean
2013 Boulder International Film Festival
Peter Young
Executive Producer
Dave Gibson, Richard Fletcher, Paul Davis
Peter Young
Peter Young and Richard Langston
Peter Young
Jonno Woodford-Robinson and Richard Lord
Narrated by Peter Elliott