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Silent Thief

Year 2012
Runtime 103 mins
Language English
Canadian Premiere
A DISCOVERY AWARD NOMINEEDirector Jennifer Clary is scheduled to attend.A psychological drama by first-time feature director Jennifer Clary, The Silent Thief is a slow-creeping thriller about the need to belong and the bonds that families will not let go of.When a drifter named Brennan (Toby Hemingway) wanders into the Henderson’s summer home, the coincidence seems perfect—Mike (Cody Longo) has gone away to college and Candi (Frances Fisher) is keen to ease his absence by renting out her son’s vacant room. There is more to Brennan’s innocent-seeming attempts to ingratiate himself into the troubled family — Brennan is not who he claims to be, and he isn’t content to be just a visitor in the Henderson’s home. Building psychological barriers between family members and documenting his work with his ever-present camera, Brennan sets his targets against each other in the twisted hope of building a new family for himself.


United States
Gen Art 2012,
Rome International Film Festival 2012,
Transylvania International Film Festival 2012

Jennifer Clary
Jennifer Clary, Kevin Haberer
Jennifer Clary, Kevin Haberer, Chris Sapp
Andrew Wheeler
Toby Hemingway, Cody Longo, Frances Fisher, Kurt Fuller, Scout Taylor-Compton