Rufus sm
Canadian Cinema


Year 2012
Runtime 110 mins
Language English
World Premiere

Director Dave Schultz, producer Bruce Harvey, actors Kim Coates and Rory J. Saper are scheduled to attend.

Vampires don't exist. Even if they did, Rufus (Rory Saper) is relatively sure that he isn't one. True, he doesn't age, and when he eats, he prefers his meat raw. But it's not like he goes out drinking people's blood... not often, at least.

Left alone in Conrad Montana after his elderly travel companion's death, Rufus is taken in by a well- meaning local sheriff. Despite the affections of his new next-door neighbour (Merritt Patterson), Rufus is having a tough time fitting in. Things only get worse when a mysterious stranger (the always-in-demand Kim Coates, also in this year's Ferocious) arrives with intentions that don't exactly seem noble. If he wants to avoid a tragedy, Rufus will have to confront his true nature in this supernatural fable from Alberta's Dave Schultz (45 RPM, Jet Boy).


Dave Schultz
Bruce Harvey, Anand Ramayya, Dave Schultz
Dave Schultz
Craig Wrobleski
Ken Filewych
Production Design
Hugh Shankland
Rory J. Saper, Kim Coates, Kelly Rowan, David James Elliott, Richard Harmon