A Message to Calgary's Arts Champions

From CIFF Executive Director Steve Schroeder

With big changes in the Festival’s future, the times ahead will be an adventure. There’s no thrill without challenge, as every movie fan knows. 

Together with you, CIFF has faced more than one formidable challenge in its 24 years and prevailed because we see change as an opportunity.

The closure of Eau Claire in 2024 means Calgary loses six cinema screens and CIFF loses its home base. The status quo is not an option for the Festival or Calgary’s movie-loving community.

We’ve been working on a bold vision for the Festival, one that is inclusive, expansive, and will bring more people and partners together than ever around the celebration of cinema and the screen-based arts. We’re inspired by new locations, the foresight that the leading festivals of tomorrow will look different in exciting ways from those of today, and next year’s 25th anniversary.

Rest assured that the things you love most about CIFF – the screenings, the guests, that amazing festival energy – will be as essential as ever and will not disappear.

We’re excited to start sharing specific plans for the 2024 festival this coming Spring.


It’s time to start bringing Festival champions together. If you’re passionate about movies and believe that having a leading festival of the cinematic arts right here in Calgary is essential, that’s you.

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You’re the reason the Festival exists, and we can’t do it without you. We will keep you in the loop regularly and often, so watch for updates over the coming months.