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Posted on September 16, 2015

On Saturday October 3, the Calgary International Film Festival will celebrate the best short films of the 2015 festival. The jury’s shortlist will be shown ahead of a live announcement of our newest award, the Best Overall Short Film Award. To compile the Best of Shorts, the jury considers shorts from across all genres.

The shorts selected to screen at this year's Best of Shorts include:

A young boy cannot find anything he is good at until his father brings home a piano. Scratch that; he is not very good on the piano either.

LOAD (Dir. Robert Moreno and Niv Shpigel)
In the middle of the ocean, an old man rows his lifeboat piled with memories that are weighing his boat down - what will he give up in order to keep afloat?

HELLO WORLD (Dir. Olaf Blomerus)
A social services android observes the relationship of a father and son after their loving wife and devoted mother passes away, soon realizing the complexity human emotion and circumstance can bring to a situation.

Through a tin marionette theatre of his own making, an old circus bear reveals his extraordinary life story.

MINA MINERVA (Dir. Marshall Axani)
When an argument over a organ transplant nearly pushes 70 year-old identical twins to fisticuffs, decades of unaired baggage force their already strained relationship to implode. A lively look at a pair of feisty seniors.

MS. LILIANE (Dir. Chif Junna)
Unbeknownst to her misbehaving students, a primary school teacher anxiously awaits a life-changing phone call.

THE HOUSE IS INNOCENT (Dir. Nicholas Coles)
A documentary about the proud new owners of a serial killer's house. Sometimes the best way to handle a dark past is to embrace it.

Rounding out the Best of Shorts list (included on the DVD) selected by the jury are:
THE GUESTS (Dir. Shane Danielsen
A woman awaits the return of her husband while lonely and isolated in her new home with her young baby. A buzz at the door signals the arrival of unexpected guest for a house-warming party she had not planned.

ÉROTISSE (Dir. Geneviève Albert)
A couple tries to get romantic despite a series of mood ruining distractions. Cold feet, spaghetti burps, phone calls from Mom: will any of these stifle their quest for intimacy?

LEWIS (Dir. Fantavious Fritz).
A missing cat witnesses the intersections of human life in a neighbourhood and meets a lonely Lithuanian widow living out her final days.

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