21712C Jann

JANN, Season 3

Year 2021
Runtime 44 mins
Language English
World Premiere
  • In-Cinema Only
A star that’s fading and a family in need of help, Season 3 of JANN is a period of new beginnings as Jann (Jann Arden) takes her life, career, and relationships into her own hands – but will the ridiculous antics ensue?

After months without a manager and letting everything in her life (including paying the power bill) slide, she hires a personal assistant, commits to making a new album from the heart and after her girlfriend refused her marriage proposal, starts dating someone new…a younger man.

Join CIFF for the Season 3 Premiere and never-before-seen Episode 2 of JANN, followed by a conversation with co-creator and star, Jann Arden; co-creator and executive producer, Leah Gauthier; and co-creator, executive producer, and showrunner, Jennica Harper. Moderated by Eric Volmers of the Calgary Herald.

NOTE: Speakers and moderators may change without notice.