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Runtime 11 mins
Alberta Premiere
  • Online & In-Cinema

This short film is included in the following package(s): SHORTS: POSITIVE VIBRATION, SHORTS: RAINBOW COUNTRY

A stranded horticulturist-astronaut's chances for survival dwindle with each breath after an asteroid knocks his spaceship off course and he crash-lands on a desolate dwarf planet. When an ethereal visitor arrives, the once-lone traveller discovers the joy of building a new life and realizes the universe has delivered salvation.

The inaugural short from Skydance Animation, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Joe Mateo (PREP & LANDING, BIG HERO 6), shares his personal journey of healing, hope and being rescued by love in BLUSH.

You can see BLUSH in both the RAINBOW COUNTRY and POSITIVE VIBRATIONS short packages!


United States
Tribeca 2021
Joe Mateo
Executive Producer
John Lasseter
Heather Schmidt Feng Yanu
Joe Mateo