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Year 2021
Runtime 79 mins
Language Kurdish, Turkish, English
Subtitles English Subtitles
  • Online & In-Cinema
  • Availability: September 23 - October 3

Preceded by the short film: NANDO

Ismail and Hakan leave their villages to take jobs at a high-end, all-inclusive resort on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, and the shy but eager young men are quickly made aware of the divide between guests and staff.

What at first seems to be an exhilarating, almost absurd experience—drunken parties, all-you-can-eat buffets, conversations with foreigners—becomes exhausting and frustrating. This dynamic sets their identities and personal beliefs on a collision course with their desire to be professional and courteous to customers.

With its hands-off, observational approach, ALL-IN asks big questions: does one's job determine one's worth? Do you have to put a price on your values to make a decent living? Throughout the two summers captured by Volkan Üce's camera, what becomes certain is that Hakan and Ismail are no longer the innocent young men who first started at the resort.


Copenhagen International Documentary Festival: DOX 2021, Hot Docs 2021
Volkan Üce
Joachim Philippe
Els Voorspoels
David Boulter, Darius Timmer
Ismail Dasdögen, Hakan Hoscan