20131Artificial Immortality 1


Year 2021
Runtime 75 mins
Language English
  • Online & In-Cinema

At a time when so much of our lives are played out online, AI: ARTIFICIAL IMMORTALITY asks, what if we transferred ourselves entirely into the digital realm? Given that Artificial Intelligence is expected to surpass humankind at an unprecedented rate, it’s not surprising that scientists have developed ways for humans to merge with the machine.

Featuring a variety of experts, including Nick Bostrom, author of SUPERINTELLIGENCE; Neuroscientists Dr. Alysson Muotri and Dr. Taufik Valiante, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Director of the Robotics Lab in Kyoto, and Deepak Chopra – who has created his own A.I. clone – Ann Shin's documentary explores the latest advancements in AI, robotics and biotech.

While some visionaries see humanity advancing toward a new age of post-biological life, a world of intelligence without bodies, immortal identity without the limitations of disease and death, others ask a significant question: Will AI be the best thing we as a species ever do, or will it be the last?

Stick around after the screening for a Zoom recording of an extended conversation where our experts will discuss the bigger questions raised in the film, including:
Ann Shin, Filmmaker;
Myles Leslie, PhD, Associate Director of Research, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary;
and Alejandro (Alex) Ramirez-Serrano, PhD, Founder & Director, UVS Robotarium Laboratory, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary.
Moderated by: Deborah Yedlin, Chancellor, University of Calgary

Available online from Tuesday, September 28 at 9 AM to Sunday, October 3 at 11:59 PM.


Hot Docs 2021
Ann Shin
Executive Producer
Ann Shin, Gerry Flahive
Erica Leendertse, Hannah Donegan, Ann Shin
Julia Nunes, Ann Shin
Iris Ng, Stephen Chung
Stephen Taylor
Todor Kobakov
Nick Bostrom, Deepak Chopra, Ben Goertzel, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Gabriel Rothblatt, Douglas Rushkoff