15824Susana Mactruck Still Final 3


Year 2020
Runtime 4 mins
Language English
Alberta Premiere
  • Online Only

This short film is included in the following package(s): SHORTS PACKAGE: DOC DAY AFTERNOON - Online

After reports of widespread injury and abuse of migrant workers working in slaughterhouses, Human Rights Watch determined that slaughterhouse work may be one of the most dangerous factory jobs in America.

ICE conducted the largest immigration raid in US history at slaughterhouses in the past year - arresting and deporting undocumented workers.

SUSANA is about a former slaughterhouse worker of the same name, as she returns to the scene at night to care for animals on their way to the kill floor despite the danger to herself and her family.


United States
Hot Docs 2020
Laura Gamse
Laura Gamse